All Residential high speed data connections are designed to meet your needs.  Each connection is installed, monitored for quality, and ensured for reliability.  The primary benefit is that our network is designed to limit malware and adult content, giving you a safer, more secure, internet experience than ever before, coupled with a peace of mind.


  • Scalability and Speed
  • Security and Content Filtering
  • Guaranteed Reliability
  • Quality of Service
  • Unlimited Data
  • Fast Installation
  • Local Tech Support
  • No Contract Terms
  • Residential high speed connections are primarily for:


If you are not completely satisfied with our managed internet service for your business or home within the first 30 days, no charge!

o Web / Email
o Social Media
o Sharing Photos
o Watching Videos
o Downloading & uploading files
o Multiple computers & devices
o Small amounts of cloud based storage
o Small amounts of online data backup